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Holistic Wellness
Practitioner & Guide

LaRay Sweezea


LaRay is a holistic wellness practitioner & guide, who's gifts lie within the Hermetic Esoteric Mysteries, Womb Wisdom Cosmology, & Holistic Womb Healing Sciences.  LaRay has obtained a degree in psychology where she graduated with honors & has since had the pleasure of continuing her energetic, holistic, & spiritual studies:

  1. Spiritual Journey Practitioner - Sacred Hoop Ministry

  2. Master of Universal Light Healing & Crystology - Boundless Warrior

  3. The High Priestess Path, Sacred Way Intensive, Warrior of Light, Universal Qabalah, & Ritual Master Guideship Program - Sacred Way Mystery School

  4. Womb Healing, Trauma Healing, & Generational Healing Partitioner - Myranda Bennett

  5. Womb Sciences, Lunar Living, & Breathing, Bleeding, Being - Womben Wellness 

LaRay's practice centers around the overall health & wellness of the divine being as she has helped numerus clients break free from their limited beliefs, transform every aspect of their lives, & align within their own Authentic Sovereign Connection.

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