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Shadow Work


All Services are Available In-Person & Online via Zoom


Energetic Cord Cutting

Energetic cords are created when we are connected with another person, place, and/or thing.  Often these cords can serve both parties, giving and receiving equally, supporting and empowering one another.  However, there are times when the relationship has come to a conclusion and the cords no longer serve us.  This can become draining of our energy and cause us to feel overly exhausted, keep us stuck in toxic habit loops, and hold us in the past unable to move forward upon our paths.

Cord Cutting allows for us to severe the energetic cord that no longer serve and freeing both you and the other party from toxic habit loops that hold you back.  This action then grants you, the client, the ability to recover your energy and redirect it where it is needed most in your life.  We then work together to discover the triggers that may cause the cording to occur again and, with gentle guidance, cultivate a plan that will help untangle the hold so you may move on in your world balanced and in peace and gratitude.


Trauma Healing

Trauma is an event that occurs when we experience a deeply distressful situation that causes mental, emotional, and physical shock to our system.  These disturbing events that we experience leave a lasting effect upon our person that can deeply hinder our lives.  Trauma blocks us from fully living and experiencing our lives, keeping us entangled in fear, and trapping us in stagnation and low vibration. 

Trauma Healing allows for you to safely travel back to the event in your life, the trigger point of the trauma, and safely work through the pain so that you may heal and release what no longer serves you and move forward upon your personal path.  With gentle guidance and a nurturing touch, we work together to find resolution and forgiveness for this event, walking through the fires of the chaos deep within your psyche and coming out the other side reconnected with your truth and divinity.  


Ancestral Healing

Over the recent years, science has discovered that our DNA can hold the memories of at least seven generations before us...though, those of us within the spiritual community know your DNA can hold so much more.  These memories, just like your own, can affect you in many different ways, causing what many of us know to be Generational Trauma & Curses that are continuously passed down until someone in the line decides to break the cycle.

Ancestral Trauma Healing works to help you break those curses, untangling the trauma carried over through your lineage, & freeing you from their mark.  With this sacred healing modality, you are gently guided through the timeline of your ancestors, allowing for you to find the origin of the trauma point and work through the wound that has been carried through your family line.  This beautiful process allows for you to move from a place of anger, hurt, & frustration into one of healing, forgiveness, & understanding for your ancestors, yourself, and the generations to come.

Amanda Landi, CO.

I’ve been coming to see Raye for about two years now. I recently had a womb healing done by her. I have a lot of past trauma that I am working on healing from. I’ve been to various therapies and group counseling, but I wanted to try something different. I am so glad I did! Raye is very knowledgeable and passionate about her practice. She takes her time to get to know her clients and meet their individual needs. I highly recommend coming to see Raye at Elements Four Healing!
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