In light of the COVID-19 Pandemic, we here at The Hollow want to assure you all that we are doing our part to help slow the spread of infection.  We practice necessary sanitary techniques needed to keep you, the client, and ourselves safe.  We offer limited in person session and video sessions as part of this practice.  Please message for more details!



Energy, it is the very essence of our being, flowing freely within us and all around us, connecting us to the earth, the universe, and all living beings as a whole.  Energy flows within our cells, activating our lungs so that we breath, our heart so that it will beat, our brains so that we can form thought, and it is what gives us our consciousness…it is our life force.

Energy is always around, a never-ending source that flows within and all around.  Because of this we are able to tap into this unyielding source to help facilitate in our healing for our personal selves, our community, and the world around us.  With the use of energy, we can fill ourselves, ground our beings, amplify the effects of universal light, sound, stones, crystals, herbs, and oils.

At The Hollow, we use safe and natural energy medicine to help bring our clients into balance; mind, body, and soul.  The healer, LaRay, is able to accomplish this through a verity of different healing practices:


Cord Cutting

Wheel of Life Guidance 

Trance Work & Guidance

Chakra Clearing & Activation

Universal Light & Crystal Healing

Spiritual DNA Reading & Activation

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