I have always found myself intrigued in the more unconventional traditions.  Even as a young girl I took interest in different spiritual practices while displaying an astute insight and talent regarding energy and the way it affects both people and the world around us.  My mother, whom was a very open minded, kind, and nurturing soul, guided me to delve deeper into my curiosities and learn as much as I could…she was an omnist, often stating “It is beautiful that you find yourself curious in many different faiths and traditions.  I fully believe that every faith, religion, and even lack there of has some form of truth within it and it is up to us to find which truth speaks to us.  Our paths are our own and no two paths are exactly the same.”  It is due to her gentle encouragement and acceptance of who I was, I found myself capable of stepping onto my spiritual path as a young woman over 20 years ago.  This very step has resulted in a lifelong quest for knowledge and understanding of alternative spiritualities as well as energetic and holistic healing modalities. 

As a young adult I temporarily stepped away from my path in order to explore another dream of mine, having a family.  I became the mother to three beautiful star beings and a wife to an absolute wonderful man whom has been my rock and safe place for so many moons.  However, my husband was in the military, and with the constant change in our lives I found it easier to focus on my family, (though I still found a little time to practice my spirituality and study my different interests).  In 2013, my husband retired and the call to turn my love of the spiritual and passion for alternative healing into a priority became stronger than ever before.  I returned to college and in 2016 received a bachelor’s in psychology while continuing my studies in spirituality and energetic healing medicines.  Since then I have had the honor and privilege of  becoming a High Priestess (2019), a Spiritual Journey Healing Practitioner (also known as Shamanic Practitioner) (2019), Reiki Healer/Master/Teacher (receiving attunement for Reiki I in 2014, Reiki II in 2015, Reiki III Master/Teacher in 2018), as well as integrating other forms of energetic healing practices such as Crystal and Light Energy Healing, Vibrational Sound Healing, and Intuitive Spiritual & Energetic Guidance into my personal work. 

Now with the dawn of 2020, I have finally decided to open my official practice, The Elements Four Healing Hollow, offering guidance and services to anyone in search of an alternative way to heal.  At The Hollow we focus on the client as a whole as we work to help them achieve overall balance and wellness of the mind, body, and spirit. 

It is with great humbleness and reverence that I honor these amazing traditions and all that they can do to bring balance and peace into our daily lives!  I cannot wait to meet you and become a part of your healing journey. 

Blessings to you all.

High Priestess
Journey Practitioner
Reiki Master, Healer, & Teacher
Light & Crystal Medicine Practitioner
Energetic, Spiritual, and Holistic Healing Practitioner
Ever Evolving Spiritualist Intuitive, Guide, and Teacher

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