Mystic Musings - Honoring Death

As we move away from summer and into the cool darkness of autumn, I am reminded of the grand, natural, and at times heartbreaking and painful changes that take place within our worlds, our lives.


I honor these difficult as they can be...I honor these cycles in our world. I honor death as I honor life, learning from one as I learn from the other. I listen, listen carefully to the whispers of the ancestors...I hear them, teaching me, guiding me, supporting me along my path. I honor the spirits that flow in and our of my life, bringing messages and understanding. I honor what they share with me...with us, all of us open to listen and hear their call. I honor this time in which Momma Earth is about to show us how beautiful letting go and moving forward can be in a dazzling display of into the cycle as she moves and dances amongst the heavenly skies.


It is beautiful, soulful,'s merciful release and painful's wide array or emotions and understandings...mysterious in its unknown, magic in its transformative ways. I honor this, I embrace its truth, its wisdom...and I walk this beautiful balance with dignity and grace, stepping into my sovereign strength and authenticity.


The picture is of divine blessings gifted to us by Momma herself...thank you, for this I am so grateful.

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