Mystic Musings - Morning Ritual

Morning ritual, starting our day with magic and intent...bringing in our great work and releasing our energy, our healing out into the world around us. . We sit in balance and harmony, my husband and I, walking between the two pillars of creation...the divine masculine and divine feminine, the stars and the void, life and death, light and dark, joy and pain...we walk between both, honoring the delicate balance of our earth, our universe...honoring the cycles and changes that come...the ebb and the flow...centered within it all. . We listen carefully to our teachers, both physical and spiritual...hearing the voices of our elders, ancestors, guardians, guides...being directed down our paths, both so unique and totally our own yet so similar and completely inclusive of one another. We celebrate our successes and support one another during our hard lessons...wise, compassionate, loving, and understanding...we reside in our relationship through reverence and respect, love and connection. . I'm so thankful to spend this life with such magical beings in my world, sharing our passions, our intentions, our desires. I am so thankful to walk this path with my partner, hand in hand separate but never alone...doing the work and bringing in our magic. . We started our day in a ceremony way How do you start your day? . Blessings Loves

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