Mystic Musings - Reflection

I sit in quiet reflection with my husband, both of us drinking our coffee as we embrace the day...our morning calm as we allow our little ones to sleep in on their well earned day off of school. I enjoy these slow easy mornings, sitting around the home, just being...its bliss before the day fully begins.


But, today, I sit with a lot on my mind...the grand re-opening of The Hollow is coming and I can feel both the excitement and the anxiety of it all. I breathe in deeply, inhaling the sweet scent of the incense lingering in the air..."Do you think I can do this? Do you think I'm ready to take it on all on my own this time around? Do you think people will respond to the message I have to give and the healing I can offer?"


With a genuine smile and a gentle squeeze of my hand, Tim reassured me as he always does..."Baby, yes you are ready and you are going to blow it out of the ballpark! You got this...just show up as your authentic self and those in need will find you. You've got this!" And with his encouragement I could feel the tension lift...just a bit...and letting me feel my strength that is always there no matter what I'm tackling in life.


I peered at the window, noticing the rays of light filling the room as the sun made its ascent into the morning skies. The smoke of the incense I lit for ritual still hovering in the air, drifting into the light of the morning. The rainbows spread across the walls and floors as the light went through the prism hanging in my window...dazzling displays of colored light dancing about, brightening the day. I closed my eyes and took a deep lung full of refreshing morning air and slowly released through my pursed lips..."I've for this," I repeated to myself...I've got this!


Special LIVE reveal of The Hollow's new Healing Space this Monday! I cant event begin to Express how excited and truly thankful I am for this moment...manifesting my dreams into reality.

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