Oracle Guidance - New Moon Reading - The Blade

The Blade . On this Midweek New Moon Oracle Guidance, the first card we are given is The Blade. The Blade is a powerful magical item able to draw down energy from the universe and grounding it deep within the earth. The Blade is both a healing tool and a weapon to be wielded wisely and with sovereignty and reverence. This card comes to us now asking us to embrace it, embrace that power of The Blade...the power of Ourselves. Momma earth and the universe are aligned with you, supporting you...and during this time of the New Moon, the mystery and magic of one's inner self shines through the darkness asking you to step into your truth and embrace your majesty. . The following card, I am on the right path and divinely guided, is a beautiful confirmation that now is the perfect time to embrace yourself fully and completely. The earth, moon, sun, stars, and universe as a whole support you, encourage you, divinely guide you along your path. Yes, it is scary as hell to shed away what no longer serves and embrace your truth and authenticity...but this is what is needed loves, this is what our souls, our world needs from is the time, are you ready? . Our finale card, our womanrune, The Reflection...surrender, gentleness, sacrifice, and letting go...surrender loves, surrender to the universe, to its infinite energy and power, to its guidance with knowing and understanding that you, love, you are being lead down your chosen path and towards your heart and soul's purpose. Now is the time...surrender... . *Mystic Shaman Oracle by Alberto Villoldo, Colette Baron-Reid, Marcela Lobos, & Illustrated by Jena DellaGrottaglia *The Moon Deck by Aarona Lea & Illustrated by Amdrea Keh *Womanrunes by Molly Remer & Shekhima Mountainwater

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