Oracle Guidance - The Crescent Moon

The Crescent Moon

Healthy boundaries keep me centered and balanced.

As we move into the season of autumn, we find ourselves naturally retreating inward...focusing on our home, family, ourselves as the darkness takes hold of the day. As we move our focus in toward our hearts and souls, preparing for the deep healing work of letting go and exploring our true selves, we find the need to set our boundaries to protect ourselves and our energy during this sacred process...because this inward journey is divine my loves. This is an honored ritual taken many times over in our lifetimes, both past and deserves to be honored and revered for the healing and transformation that comes with it. This is deep magic of our spirits, our hearts, our souls...delving into our unconscious minds and shedding what isnt ours to find our true authenticity...this is self love and care.

So, set your boundaries loves...protect yourself, your energy, your spirit. Know you are guided and you are loved by the ancestors guardians that are present and always with you...and take comfort in the knowing that this journey is a beautiful and humble step on your healing path.


The Moon Deck by Aarona Lea

Illustrated by Andrea Keh

Womanruned by Molly Remer & Shekhinah Mountainwater

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