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Shamans and Shamanic Practitioners

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

*NOTE* I am NOT a Shaman, I was not born and raised in an indigenous culture nor was I appointed Shaman by elders of any tribe. I have, however, spent many hours learning and practicing different traditions known to our society with great respect, honor, and reverence, thus I am considered to be a Shamanic Practitioner. However, out of respect for the indigenous cultures and their beautiful and awe inspiring traditions, I do not use the term Shaman or Shamanic Healing in my services.

What is a Shaman?

*A man or woman within indigenous cultures whom accesses an unseen world, known as non-ordinary reality, from a trance like state, to gather information from helping, compassionate spirits to assist and bring healing to their community.

*Shaman, a word that comes to us from the Tungas Tribe in Siberia and is now commonly used as an umbrella term for those within indigenous cultures whom display specific spiritual and healing abilities.

*In indigenous culture throughout history there have been specific people whom displayed innate characteristics of a Shaman. Because they lived in a world without technology, they relied on the non-technological part of their brain, their relationship with the natural world, spirits and being in harmony with nature, to survive. The tribe depended greatly on the Shaman as their very survival depended on the strong connection the Shaman has with the other world and their helping spirits.

*Throughout time, Shamans have been known to practice their art form in many different indigenous societies located in parts of Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia, Greenland, North and South America.

*Shamanism teaches us that everything in existence is alive and has a spirit…and that all living things are, indeed, connected. This connection to the earth and all of life is through our consciousness and is known by many as the web of life. It is through this web that we can contact and relate to all living beings and their spirits.

*Shamanism is NOT a religion, it is a spiritual practice that has been around 30,000-40,000 years, though some anthropologists believe over 100,000 years. It is an empowering practice that teaches us about our own true connection to the universe and how to be in balance and harmony with the universal consciousness and the earthly heartbeat.

What is a Shamanic Practitioner?

*A Shamanic Practitioner is someone who acts as a bridge between the shamanic indigenous world and the modern world in order to learn the medicine and wisdom of these shamanic people. With permission, dignity, honor, and reverence we bring these forms of healing back to our modern world in order to bring healing, wholeness, and balance to our communities.

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