The Elements Four The Full Moon Magic

The Elements Four The Full Moon Magic

Our Full Moon Magic Box is hand crafted by our beautiful hedge witches, bringing together both the magic and wisdom of the moon and the connection to our mother earth.

Each bewitching box contains a special herbal tea blend with a whimsical little tea spoon, a hand poured candle blessed under the full moon light, a trio of crystals intuitively chosen by our hedges, a special oil blend, and a hand inked Full Moon Goddess image on a piece of recycled wood.

In addition, each box also comes with a personalized one card oracle guidance read by our intuitive oracle, each card chosen only after the box has been purchased and specific to the buyer and/or gift recipient.

Here at The Hollow our hedge witches enchant each item they create with specific holistic purpose and in tuned with both universal and earthly energies bringing magic from their hearts into your homes. Both of our witches, Raye Sweezea & Amanda Landi, have spent much of their lives perusing personal growth, health, and wellness...researching and studying holistic, energetic, and alternative medicines and remedies...and incorporating these different methods into their every day lives. It is through their common interests and sisterhood connection that they come together now to offer their knowledge and gifts with great honor and joy to all of you.

Each candle is made of soy wax and a hemp wick, hand poured, anointed with jasmine and a crystal, and blessed under the full moon. They come adorned with a small moon charm bringing the wisdom and power of the full moon. (As each candle is hand made it may contain flaws)

Each tea is hand blended in the kitchens of our hedge witches, the herbs specifically chosen for their metaphysical properties and their connection to the moon, jasmine and passion flower. We added a single whimsical spoon for fun and a bit of mischief...perfect for magical tea parties! The spoon comes in 3 separate colors of your choosing!

The oil blend was also created in the kitchen of our hedge witches, the scent meant to connect with the full moon energies. The oil is jasmine and has been cut with almond oil.

The trio of stones were intuitively chosen for their connection to the full moon and earthly energies, banded agate, amethyst, and clear quartz.

A small jar of loose herbs (jasmine) is added for smudging or cleansing...or any other way one see's fit to use them! (Not intended for culinary use, please do not ingest)

Each box comes with a personalized one card reading performed by our Intuitive Oracle, Raye Sweezea. The card is only ever chosen after the box has been purchased so that it is specific to the buyer. For this box we have chosen to use The Moon Deck Oracle and Guidance written by Aarona Lea and Illustrated by Andrea Keh. (If purchased as a gift for another, please send a message with the name of the gift recipient so the reading can be for them, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart ~Raye)

Finally our hand created craft was specifically made to honor the full moon and the Moon Goddess. Each image is hand inked onto a piece of recycled wood. (As each piece is hand inked no two pieces will be exactly alike and may contain flaws).

Each item has been made with joy and love by our hedge witches, enchanted with magic and infused with energetic medicines to help connect to owner to the power and majesty of the full moon. We hope this bring you a bit of peace and balance, enjoy!