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There is a womb, a sacred space of creation, inside every single one of us no matter the anatomy one may have.  Sadly, this divine space often becomes blocked by traumatic events we have endured in this life and in all the many lives we have lived before.  This trauma can leak out in the form of anger, aggression, depression, anxiety, and the like, causing us to withdraw and disassociate from the “burden” of our everyday lives.  These blocks then begin to halt our forward movement upon our personal paths and hinder our ability to fully align with our medicine and magic, preventing us from sharing our gifts with the world.

Sacred Womb Healing travels deep into your source of creation, journeying through this life and into the lives before, finding where the trauma lingers and working to untangle it’s hold had upon your being.  With gentle healing guidance we work through the trigger point, together, in a safe and nurturing space, bringing both resolution and forgiveness where it is needed so you may release the pain and move forward upon your path.  This transcendent death and rebirth healing modality allows for you to shed away traumatic and social programming that no longer serves so that you may fully embody your authenticity and step into your individual sovereignty.

Confronting trauma trapped within your womb of creation and working to overcome, heal, and move forward on your path...bringing balance of mind, body, and soul.