In light of the COVID-19 Pandemic, we here at The Hollow want to assure you all that we are doing our part to help slow the spread of infection.  We practice necessary sanitary techniques needed to keep you, the client, and ourselves safe.  We offer limited in person session and video sessions as part of this practice.  Please message for more details!

*NOTE* I, LaRay Sweezea,  am NOT a Shaman, I was not born and raised in an indigenous culture nor was I appointed Shaman by elders of any tribe.  I have, however, spent many hours learning and practicing different traditions known to our society with great respect, honor, and reverence, thus I am considered to be a Shamanic Practitioner.  However, out of respect for the indigenous cultures and their beautiful and awe inspiring traditions, I do not use the term Shaman or Shamanic Healing in my services opting rather to use the term Spiritual Journey Healing.



At The Hollow, we look at the client as a whole being in order to bring about balance of the mind, body, and soul.  A Spiritual Journey Healing Ceremony focuses on the spiritual and energetic side of different afflictions and works to help bring about balance using the following methods:

  • Extraction – Removing spiritual intrusions and energy that does not belong to you.

  • Soul Retrieval – Many of us have lived through trauma, and as such, can be affected by these traumas for many years to come.  In order to survive traumatic events, we often go through a phase known in psychology as dissociation…an event many describe as being outside of their body or not fully present within their body during the traumatic event.  This is believed the result of our spiritual beings leaving our bodies in order to survive…and in some instances…a fraction of our being, soul, life force, or whatever name you wish to use gets “stuck” or “lost” until it is brought back with love and respect during a Soul Retrieval.  It is important to note that it is the Soul Piece that is returned, the essence of your being, NOT the trauma, though it is possible for memories and emotions to return with the healing.  With the Soul Piece’s return comes a gift or message of what was previously lost and now returned…messages such as “Dance,” “Sing,” “Create,” “Love Yourself,” or “You are Safe, You are Never Alone,”…whatever it is to bring about your peace and wholeness.  

  • Power Animal Retrieval – A power animal is an animal guardian spirit that has been with us since our birth and are here to share the power they inhibit with us.  We can have many working with us at once time; but, if a power animal leaves us without another taking its place it can result in power loss…showing up in our lives in a few different ways such as chronic illnesses and health problems, feeling rundown and constantly fatigued, and even depression and consistent misfortune within one’s life.  During a Spiritual Journey Healing it is not uncommon for a power animal to present itself for the benefit of the client bringing its power to share with the client.  This is to help achieve wholeness for the client to feel power filled once more.

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