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Healing Medicine


All Services are Available In-Person & Online via Zoom

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Chakra Clearing & Attuning

The chakras are energy points, or wheels as it translates in Sanskrit, that begin at the base of your spine and run to the top of your head or crown.  There are seven major chakras points​ within your body, each of which holding their own element & frequency that works in correlation with your physical & spiritual being.  These energetic points connect your physical, energetic, & spiritual bodies together in a very real way, running along your vagus nerve & our endocrine system & playing a huge role in the activation of your nervous system & your hormonal production.

When your chakras are active & aligned, they work harmoniously within your mental & physical states, allowing for the energy around you to move fluidly through your being while your bodily systems function properly within their natural phase of rest & digest.  However, when your chakras become blocked due to mental & emotional stress & traumas, the natural ease of your being becomes disrupted, affecting our lives in a negative way.  This disruption can cause a verity of issues such as anxiety, depression, mental & emotional distress, a verity of illnesses, & other physical symptoms such as chronic pain & fatigue.  Chakra attunement works to eliminate these blocks in a safe & loving way while reconnecting you to chakras points & the energetic properties they each provide.  With gentle guidance we work together to extract the toxic blocks that hinder you & your everyday life while restoring the delicate balance of the mind-body connection.  This amazing process helps to clear away the energy that no longer serves you while activating your chakras so you can live within the vibration of your most authentic life!


Sacred Womb Healing

The womb space is a container that holds the sacred energy of life & creation.  When toxic energy & trauma are left unresolved within your being, this divine space can become blocked, causing your source of creation to manifest from a place of lacking & survival...which means you end up repelling what you desire instead of attracting it.  This unresolved energy will then leak out onto other areas of your life in the form of anger, aggression, depression, anxiety, and the like.  Sadly, for many of us, these overwhelming feelings & reactions can cause us to withdraw & disassociate from the “burden” of our everyday lives & preventing us from sharing our gifts with the world.

Sacred Womb Healing travels deep into your source of creation, journeying through this life and into the lives before, finding where the trauma began and working to untangle it’s hold upon your being.  With gentle healing guidance we work through the trigger point, together, in a safe and nurturing space, bringing both resolution and forgiveness where it is needed so you may release the pain and move forward upon your path.  This transcendent death and rebirth healing modality allows for you to shed away traumatic and social programming that no longer serves so that you may fully embody your authenticity and step into your individual sovereignty.


Ceremonial Journey Healing

To Come

Amanda Landi, CO.

I’ve been coming to see Raye for about two years now. I recently had a womb healing done by her. I have a lot of past trauma that I am working on healing from. I’ve been to various therapies and group counseling, but I wanted to try something different. I am so glad I did! Raye is very knowledgeable and passionate about her practice. She takes her time to get to know her clients and meet their individual needs. I highly recommend coming to see Raye at Elements Four Healing!
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