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Holistic Womb
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Reclaim Your Divine Feminine Energy &

Live Within the Flow of Your Cyclical Nature &

 Manifest Your World

Sunny Reyes, CO.

So to begin I must say this was by far one of the best experiences that I have experienced spiritually and physically and mentally as well. Raye is an absolute ray of sunshine. I have been going through a very difficult time in my life for the past five years and I have felt stuck and let me add that I have tried all kinds of shit but not until I had my healing session with Raye is when shit started to shift and I no longer felt stuck. I feel amazing I feel the change I am at peace with myself and things in my life I feel amazing and I owe it to this Raye of Sunshine. I can legit write a book on the experience during my session and after but I will keep it short. I am honored and extremely grateful and filled with so much gratitude to have been able to connect with such a beautiful Goddess of a woman.


Elements Four Healing

LaRay Sweezea


1061 Golden St

Calhan CO 80808

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