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This Service is Available In-Person & Online via Zoom

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The Elements Four Healing Guideship Program is a self-paced apprenticeship that works to help our students gain a better understanding of their intuitive gifts and connect with their natural medicines.  The Guideship Program is a specifically crafted set of classes and practices geared for you, the client, and your individual potential.  This program helps you learn, harness, and master your unique gifts and align with your heart and soul's purpose and empowering you to fully embrace your divine authenticity and sovereignty.


The Guideship Program offers different traditions, modalities, and ceremonies from Hermetic Esoteric Mysteries, Womb Wisdom Cosmology, & Holistic Womb Healing Sciences; utilizing years of personal knowledge and insight to create a quality program that is exclusive to the client and their inherent medicine. 

Contact us directly to discover more about our amazing Guideship Program.

Becky Buchana, FL.

Hi My name is Becky! Raye has been helping me with inner healing! As a womb healer I have enjoy her guidance and company. As my teacher I have definitely had a blast with her and the classes. The most important to me she is such a free spirit none judgmental person. She conects on level to level to you and it's definitely not afraid of helping you achieve your most successful spiritual self. The true self of a person! I learn a lot in the last 5 months or so. A lot of it blows my mind and every day I still have hunger for more even if at times it maybe a little to much the fulfillment that I received after is worth everything. Thank you Magical Raye
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