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Enchanted Beginnings
The Witchling Path

"If children feel safe, they can take risks, ask questions, make mistakes, learn to trust, share their feelings, & grow." -Alfie Khon

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The Elements Four Presents: Enchanted Beginnings, The Witchling Path!


The Witchling Path is a Calhan CO & Surrounding Areas Community Youth Empowerment Group that was organized with the purpose of teaching both children & teenagers about the everyday magic, medicine, and mystery that exists both within & around them.  The intention of this group is to provide a safe space that works to help our youth learn about & embrace the unique & amazing whole person that is them! 


Enchanted Beginnings utilizes gentle guidance to help aid the witchlings in identifying & harnessing their natural gifts & personal intuition with confidence and ease.  We take the time to gather monthly for lessons, crafts, & ceremonies that help keep the young ones engaged while also giving them freedom express themselves within a secure & loving environment.  

Our monthly gatherings contain themed lessons regarding many different spiritual topics such as:

  • The Divine Feminine & Masculine Energy

  • The Moon Cycles & Energetic Properties

  • Earth Cycles, Season, & Sabats

  • Healing & Protection Charms

  • Sacred Space & Item

  • Manifestation

  • Divination

  • End of the Year Samhain Feast

  • & So Much More!

For more information regarding Enchanted Beginnings, The Witchling Path & how you may join our group, click the button bellow!  We look forward to hearing from you!


Enchanted Donations 

Enchanted Beginnings is free for any child or teen & their parents within the community who wishes to attend; but we are open to loving donations that will help provide goods & materials for our witchling crafts.

Below we provided a link to our Wish List that contains many items we know will help enhance our gatherings & bring more magic & fun to our young witchlings.  

Donations are never expected but always appreciated by us all.  Thank You & Blessings from ALL of our hearts to yours.

Brooke Sassi, CO.

My preteen daughter has been taking part in the Witchling class for the past year. Raye does an incredible job creating content for the kids that is both empowering and instructive, and provides a safe, fun, and nurturing experience for children and parents to learn and connect. Raye holds a space for these kids in a way that allows my daughter to put down the masks of middle school and relax into who she really is. Every meeting of this group has been a beacon for her. We can’t wait to co to help in the new year!

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